Independent Music Conference (IMC)®

Updated 4/27/17

Please note that many details for the IMC can remain in the planning stages right up to the event. Though we've attempted to answer these "Frequently Asked Questions" as best we can, please realize that some details may change as we get closer to each event. The great news is that it's never too late for you to join in on the planning and building of the IMC! Join our Facebook group, and get your voice heard.

Q: What is the Independent Music Conference?
Now having been presented internationally over 17 times in the last 15 years, the IMC is still a revolutionary music conference. The IMC focuses on empowering musicians to achieve indie success. This event is NOT about "how to get signed" or "discovered." If you are smart enough to know that the chances are slim to none that someone in a stretch limo will pull up to your curb and hand you superstardom on a silver platter, then this is the conference you want to attend. It is an educational and internetworking event coordinated by InterMixx, the membership based organization that has been helping indies for over 30 years. However, the IMC is ultimately planned and built by you - the independent musician who wants to succeed on your own terms. Your opinions and ideas are needed. To find out how to get involved and to check out the very latest on the IMC, join our Facebook group, and get in on the planning and discussion!

Q: What will the conference schedule be like?
The schedule is always PACKED!!! The IMC is jammed to overflowing with panels, workshops, mentoring, networking and performance critique and education. All workshops are repeated at least once, to help you avoid schedule conflicts. Full daily schedules are put online so watch the site for them and plan ahead to maximize your time at the IMC. Check out the agenda page to see all the educational opportunities that will be available.

Q: Who are some of the instructors?
Instructors for the IMC are still being scheduled. Check back often! Industry members who have generously donated their knowledge and experience at past IMC events include: Elaine Law, CCC-SLP/A, Steven Memel, Bill Pere, Kay Pere, Dick Gabriel, Ducado Vega, Ravi, Dave Dickson, Theresa Aldao, Maurice Henderson, Michael Driscoll, Kyle Ober, Gilli Moon, Toni Koch, Noel Ramos, Thom McGuire, Jeff Cohn, Jason Rubal, James M. Ballard III, Ph.D., Jordan Tishler, Marcy Rauer Wagman, Esq., Robert Case and more. The educational value represented by these fine instructors makes the IMC one of the greatest learning opportunities you can find. Join us and learn how to advance your independent music career. Watch the site to see the exact roster of instructors. As we get closer to the event, the roster will grow. Check back often!

Q: How do I/my band sign up to attend the conference?
If you would like to attend the conference, you will need to register for the event. Click the REGISTER link for the latest announcements and the form to register.

Q: Why do you call 'showcase' the "s-word" and why don't you use it when describing IMC performances?
As you know, we're trying to change people's perceptions regarding music conferences. The term "showcase" has earned a bad reputation, it's a lot like that other phrase "battle of the bands." The "s-word" has often been used in many promotional schemes designed to simply make a lot of money off of hopeful musicians who pay $25, $35 and even more just for a CHANCE at a performance slot. The carrot that these events dangle in front of the musicians is the promise of "industry people" in the audience who might "sign you" or "discover you." How many bands can you name that this actually happened to? The IMC will not take advantage of any performers by promising things we can't absolutely deliver. This event is based in reality, and we promise to give you a high quality educational and networking experience, not carrots. We prefer to use the word "performance" instead and that's exactly what the IMC will be presenting... high energy independent music performances. In years past, we drew great crowds to the clubs and the bands that performed made awesome connections, increased their fan base, and some even got booked at the clubs for future gigs.

Q: OK, how can I/my band sign up for a performance slot?
All artists who register to attend the IMC are automatically eligible for a possible performance slot. There are no "showcase application fees" or any other additional costs. Just register to attend, and then let us know that you are willing to perform. We'll work out the details with you as the conference approaches!

Q: I still don't get it, are we paying a fee in order to perform at the IMC?
Definitely not! We are very strongly opposed to "pay to play" situations. All we are trying to do with the IMC's fee structure is encourage musicians to attend the IMC workshops, and at the same time discourage people who really just want to perform and don't plan on attending the workshops. We don't want your hard-earned cash if you don't plan to get your money's worth out of the IMC. Please do not come to the IMC if you are not fully intending to attend the workshops. Click here for the "T-shirt analogy," another attempt to explain the IMC performances more thoroughly.

Q: Are there any refunds if I can not attend the IMC after reserving my rooms and paying for my registration?
No, absolutely none and there can be no exceptions. This is just like purchasing a ticket for any other large event. There can be be NO refunds for registrations or room reservations if you become unable to attend after purchasing, so please plan wisely! It would simply be logistically and financially devastating to us if we had to worry about possible refunds, and most of the income is covering things that have already been paid for, such as hotel rooms and facility expenses. The IMC can not get that money back! We need your support on every level to make this event work, and we really need you to be there! Please plan to attend the IMC workshops, seminars and mentor sessions.

Q: When will the artists be notified that they were chosen for a performance slot?
We will work out performances with each artist as the planning progresses.

Q: Maybe the IMC is not the right event for me, should I attend anyway?
No! Because this event focuses only on the independent music market, and features many procedures and policies that are not like the typical music conference, it may not be right for every musician. We do not want you to be disappointed and feel that you wasted your time and money on an event that does not meet your needs. There are many other worthwhile conferences being presented and you should only attend those that really offer what you need for your specific situation. Your time and money are far too valuable to waste and you can only afford to attend so many music events per year. Do plenty of research, ask other musicians in the various egroups and choose wisely. We are not interested in huge numbers of attendees, we're more concerned with attracting indies who see value in the learning that is being offered at the IMC. If you're unsure about attending the IMC, we'll be glad to help you make a determination. Contact us to discuss: Click here to EMAIL the IMC!

Q: What kind of sponsorship opportunities are there at the IMC?
Vendor's tables, banner placement, stage sponsorships, goodie bag inserts, lit table, ads in our directory... Check out the info on the site featuring details of the sponsorship opportunities. The Goodie Bag was a huge hit at past IMC events and the laminates can be sponsored too. Please click here to EMAIL the IMC if you are interested.

Q: How can I help out with the conference?
If you haven't gotten the hint yet, join our Facebook group, and get in on the planning. Help us build the kind of music conference that you need! If you are interested in becoming a member of our Volunteer Staff please click here to EMAIL the IMC

Thanks and we hope to see you at the IMC!