What they said about the IMC...

"The IMC is a FANTASTIC music network event that I have from benefitted tremendously from in a many ways. The event turned me on to the technical/practical legal aspects of copyrighting and publishing that I could not have possibly learned on my own. Not only was Jordan Tishler a music industry insider, he was a super-friendly guy who took the time to answer ANY questions. Bill Pere was also cool to listen to. He came at us from an entirely different, community-based-angle which made me realize that music does not only exist in traditional entertainment venues; music can be marketed alongside a variety of humanity driven causes to benefit everyone. Save my spot for next year! Who knows what kind of new and KOOL learning events that NOEL and co. can conjure up next year!" Best, Elmer Hsu

"I am very pleased that you came to our area. I was grateful that it was a small group as I felt we had private tutoring on a very intimate level. I learned so much from that great conference from networking to singing better, promoting myself in a more professional manner, singing all the different styles of my songs and meeting some very special musicians. The feedback on our own music was helpful, inspiring and expressed well. I loved listening to everyone's different styles. I look forward to coming back again and hope to have a real act to present then. You were very friendly and made all of us feel like we were your friends that you were helping. Bless you and thanks for all that you did for such a good workshop. I learned so much from everyone. I hope to stay connected to you and everyone." Warm Regards Mariam Massaro

"For me, the IMC provided a multi-faceted experience, enabling me to share my passion and knowledge of music (as a participant in a panel discussion on the media's role in music and during my presentation, "Drum Away The Blues: Relieving Stress Through Percussion and Rhythm," gain new insight into other viewpoints, and develop relationships with musicians, producers, and musical industry people.The opportunity to showcase my band, Miles Orgasmic, twice during the conference was invaluable. I look forward to becoming even more involved with next year's event." Craig Harris

"The IMC is valuable for independent musicians in the areas of networking, knowledge, and business savvy. Noel Ramos and his team have a long-standing commitment to enhancing the lives of artists in all of these areas. Sign up." Christine Ohlman, lead singer of the Saturday Night Live Band and Rebel Montez

"Hey Noel, it's Jack Tucker from the conference. I learned a lot of really good stuff throughout the weekend, but probably what had the most affect on me was sitting down and talking with you, thank you for doing that. The entire IMC was awesome. Great energy all around, all real good folks. It's a good experience to be around so many people that are into music for real. It was all put together very well, good people teaching, certainly enlightening for anyone who wants to get out and play more. It wakes up parts of the mind that get sleepy just playing in the basement." Jack Tucker

"Being a part of the IMC is one of the best things I have ever done for my career. I was able to meet fellow musicians and industry people in an accessible and informal way. Noel and the entire IMC team were great to work with-their passion and expertise of the Indie music movement shows in every facet of the conference agenda. The IMC afforded me a great opportunity to promote my music consulting business and my recording studio. The potential for doing some real networking is one of the main reasons I went to the IMC. If you are an independent artist or music industry person you will do yourself a disservice to miss this conference! I am already looking forward to next year's!" Tommy Byrnes

"Attending the IMC was fun, informative, and extremely inspiring. It was refreshing to meet so many down-to-Earth, approachable industry folks. The networking opportunities were great!" Carrie Ferguson

"OK, let's face it... we all have to look at what we do and say "What's in it for me?" That's a natural instinct. With that in mind, NoManZero has attended the IMC a couple times and most recently in the very hip location of Northampton, and we gotta say with all honesty, it's been good for us. We learned just a ton of stuff, and we made some contacts (especially at the most recent conference) that have served us well. Shortly after attending the conference we were featured in an interview on highly influential Music Without Labels website that will soon morph into Beat Play, possibly a powerful and maybe even game changing development. So there you go... we made the effort to participate, learned things we didn't even know that we didn't know, and that are going to help avoid repeating past blunders in our career, and we also got featured on a major website for a month after our performance turned some heads. Honestly, you should think about showing up yourself, you would be surprised at what could happen." Tim Britt

"The IMC was an atmosphere of meaningful music knowledge. It created a relaxed social environment for artists to collaborate with music professionals in order to improve their musical careers. If you are seeking knowledge, the IMC is the place to go..." Jimmy Iles, Director of Operations - Music Without Labels / Beat-Play

"Noel, I just wanted to share some thoughts about the IMC. One of the biggest assets you've built up over the years is an amazing track record of credibility. The cumulative record of what has been offered and achieved since 2003 is an impressive track record and a valuable asset. Anything that has lasted for so many years and produced 15 or more events is doing something worthwhile, and people need to see that. The Industry Pros that have been presenters/mentors at IMC is an incredibly impressive list. The geographic diversity and the number of events provides indisputable credibility and legitimacy to the IMC. The artists who have performed and been presented with Immie Awards at IMC is another amazing list. The workshops and panels that have been presented at IMC represent an incredible display of knowledge. The sponsors/exhibitors at IMC is a who's who of the industry. The press that the IMC has received confirms all of this... and nothing beats a credible track record of excellence." Bill Pere, Executive Director CSA and Author "Songcrafters' Coloring Book"

"IMC is one of the most important music conferences serving the industry today. At the nexus of inspiration and originality, IMC provides the kind of nurturing, support and guidance independent artists need to thrive in an increasingly forbidding creative landscape. IMC gatherings give them the tools to not only become the best at their artistry and craft, but take their work effectively to market. Very few other conferences are as focused on their needs, abilities and aspirations. Thus, it was a great pleasure to be a part the most recent IMC event in Northampton, MA. While these confabs are sometimes hard to put quantifiable metrics against, the really good ones (like this) are always easy to appreciate on both a personal and professional level. It's like one of those credit card ads: admission - $45; meals - $50; hotel - $125. Independent music community shared and knowledge gained - priceless." Christopher Payne-Taylor

What they said about IMC/LA...

General comments
"Please tell the Local 47 that they should bring this conference back if at all possible because this is exactly the kind of thing they should be bringing us - useful, informative, cutting-edge." E. Weiss

"This has been one of the most valuable music conferences anyone could ever attend. We have all been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of the professionals who have shared their time, talent, resources, information, and guidance with us all. I personally was so grateful to these professionals and quite surprised by their generosity and spirit in helping with the aforementioned. The organizers and support staff have conducted themselves as 'allegoric music saints'. I have gratitude especially for Noel Ramos for all of his efforts. This valuable conference can help to launch any indie artist form novice to PRO. Please book this conference again." A Callas

"I want to thank you for including me in your Independent Music Conference. I had fun and met some very talented artists.I also wanted to give kudos to Noel - I read your piece on "Live Performers & Photographers"... I can tell you that after shooting thousands of photos of live performances, the advice you gave is right on. I hope artrists took it to heart - it would make my job so much easier. If I can be of any assistance regarding future (LA) Independent Music Conferences - please let me know." B. Baur

"Thank you so much! for the best music conference by far that I have ever attended. It is so refreshing to know that you are doing this great service to musicians. You truly gave us tools to help us survive the changes in our industry. By the end of the Independent Music Conference, we felt like part of your family. One of our FMA-L.A. Members was almost in tears over the encouragement he got from a mentoring session. Others told me they learned so much up-to-date info on internet marketing that they're going to change their entire approach. I personally was blown away by your knowledge, expertise, positive attitude, and especially the "user friendly" give-and-take of each presentation." L. Haley

"Thank you for the wonderful time this weekend. You and Noel are too cool to put this whole thing together. I look forward to going to more IMC's. As I mentioned to you on Sunday, the best part of the IMC is the one-on-one TIME the Independent Artist gets with a Mentor. THAT was HUGE! No other convention I've been to has such a hands-on approach when it comes to helping other Musicians find their way in the Music Business. You and Noel deserve serious props for delivering such a spectacular event and that's coming from a guy who has seen what Boston and NYC provide. Finally, I wanted to thank Noel personally for the Time he spent with all of us at the Convention. I had every intention of shaking his hand, and somehow it didn't happen. If you could pass on the word to him I would be eternally grateful. Thanks again Elaine for an eye-opening weekend." D. Wade

"I am writing to tell you what a wonderful experience the IMC was for us. Unfortunately due to other performance commitments we were not able to attend as many of the workshops as we would have liked, but the ones we were able to attend were very helpful and informative.The presenters all seemed to be credible and knowledgeable experts in their respective fields, and we were very impressed at how accessible they were, and how willing they were to speak with us individually and answer our questions.They also seemed to be especially interested and passionate about empowering independent artists so that we can get somewhere with our music.The facilities and personnel made available by Local 47 were also very well suited and appropriate to the event.We were also impressed by the diverse mix of artists and musical styles represented at the conference. Since Chi and I (Chi Saito is the other half of the Xiles and also a member of Local 47) have been professional side players for most of our careers and began working together on this indie project in Tokyo, Japan (he is from there), we had absolutely no clue how to get an independent original project off the ground in the American DIY world. Now we know where to begin, and made many very helpful new friends and contacts who we are certain will remember us and be there to assist us on our way, since the reaction to the performance of our music was so overwhelmingly positive. We hope that this will start a tradition of Local 47 teaming up with the organizers of IMC to provide this invaluable service to the Los Angeles music community, and we look forward to sharing this with many more artists we work with next year.It was an extra-special treat to be able to meet Lisa Haley, President of the Freelance Musicians Association (and learn that there is such a thing!), and hear her extraordinary solo performance!" Brenda K

"We had a fantastic time at IMC LA and it can only get bigger and better for sure. Thanks so much for having me and the Songsalive! team. Much gratitude and appreciation." G. Moon

"I really want to thank you guys for having me on board (pardon the pun), at the IMC.I really had a lot of fun and got a lot out of it. Be sure to let me know if you guys are ever in LA again and need a hand.It really has been a pleasure working with you." K Bergeson

"This has been the biggest learning experience of my life in music."

"Loved the info as well as the network and mentor opportunities."

"Thanks for having ACME Catering at your event, we enjoyed the crowd! Please know we are always happy to provide catering if your need arises again." L. Altman

Mentoring Sessions
"Mentoring program was the BEST of any conference I have attended. Excellent! Geri Golde

Meet the Producers (Skip Saylor, David Kershenbaum, John Acosta, Ronan Chris Murphy, Mandi Martin, Noel Ramos - Moderator)
"I was on this panel and had a great time! Love to do it again!" M. Martin

"Real informative." A. Taylor

"Really great to see Mandi Martin! Everyone was great!"

"Wonderful! Excellent!" A. Callas

"Excellent group." Stephen G.C.

What's My Line? Job Descriptions (Steven Memel, Dave Uosikkinen, Allison Schwarz, Robby Scharf, Noel Ramos-Moderator)
"Met up to my expectations, and then some. Especially glad for the opportunity to meet Allison Schwarz and Steven Memel." L. Baker

"Wonderful! Excellent!" A Callas

Media Challenge (Bernard Baur, John Kerecz, Chip Schutzman, Toni Koch, Noel Ramos-Moderator)
"Very good panelists - very high impressions of experts!" J. Foy

Basics of Music Publishing (Rob Case)
"Pretty detailed workshop on music publishing." R. Brown

"Really enjoyed the honest and information." L. Cohn

MPWR Workshop - Artist Empowerment (Gilli Moon)
"Gilli really had a great attitude towards empowering people to their own talents. Provided great insight to help more people to take more risks and be themselves. Created a safe environment throughout the whole process to allow you to go for it!" D. Berry

"She (Gilli) rocks!"

Rhymecology (J Walker)
"Keep it up! I got to work on my creative edge."

Risky Business - The Performer as Risk Taker (Steven Memel)
"I always learn something listening to Steven's presentations. He is one of the top vocal coaches in the world, in my humble opinion. He is also a great teacher!" M. Martin

"Steve is always great!" B. Janofsky

"Steve is a warm and open guy. I hope he has more knowledge to share because I plan on attending his workshops tomorrow." L. Baker

"Very effective exercises - excellent!" Stephen G.C.

"Totally awesome - brilliant presentations. Valuable information. Very helpful." L. Cohn

Publishing, Fact and Fiction (Rob Case, Toni Koch)
"What was covered was good info." S. Scott

Looking for Press in ALL the Right Places (Noel Ramos)
"Good handout for press release... didn't know about EPK's." M. Heaney

"Lots of excellent and useful handouts." E. Weiss

"Lots of good info." S. Scott

"Noel is very personable and easy to understand." L. Nenzo

"GREAT GREAT GREAT! Had a fantastic handout to remind us what to do or not! Much easier to take notes of specific nuances when such an extensive sheet is provided So helpful! Thank-you Thank-you!" D. Berry

But it Sounded So Much Better at Home - Vocal Technique & Conscious and Unconscious Aspects of Singing (Steven Memel)
"He should be in the school system... pulls no punches." J. Foy

"Great!" C. Kruse

"Totally awesome - brilliant presentations. Valuable information. Very helpful." L. Cohn

What To Do With Your Hands, Legs, Eyes, Hips, Spleen and the Rest of Your Body - A Vocal Performance Workshop (Steven Memel)
"Wonderful insight. You remind me of how important it is to not forget what a song is about." C. Kruse

"Totally awesome - brilliant presentations. Valuable information. Very helpful." L. Cohn

"Provided little things to do that would make a HUGE difference in presentation and stage presence. Would like to have had a handout with general points to remind us to think about." D. Berry

Online Marketing for Independent Artists (Chip Schutzman)
"Very thorough and enthusiastic, and helpful." M. Heaney

"He said lots and lots of helpful things." E. Weiss

"He (Chip) was a total pro, with non-stop suggestions, as well as provided everyone with valuable media lists and outlines to work from when ready." M. Martin

"Great info!"

"I learned sooo much - Chip is an encyclopedia! And, I just finished a new album... this info will really help!"

"Went beyond my expectations. Interesting and helpful. More honesty and common sense made it's way into Chip's presentation." L. Baker

"Knows all the tricks in this very rapidly growing space." Stephen G.C.

Podsafe Music & the Podcaster (Tim Coyne)
"Terrific!" - S. Scott

The Healthy Voice (Dr. Shawn Nasseri & Steven Memel)
"Liked the information... presented in a professional yet humorous way." W. Hersh

"Totally awesome - brilliant presentations. Valuable information. Very helpful." L. Cohn

Digital Delivery/Technology (Noel Ramos)
"The presentation gave me some things to think about and reminded me of things that are important for me to focus on." L. Cohn

"Very interesting." J. Lamppu

What they said about IMC06...

The following are some Positive Comments from IMC attendees who took the time to write down their impressions about the workshops and panels...

IMC Overview
"So much incredible information my head is spinning. Thank you, thank you, thank you IMC. I can't wait to put all of this new knowledge to work for Officer Roseland." - Kathleen Duffy

"The IMC made me realize how much I need to take what I need to know and re-educate myself if I plan to succeed." - InfaredHaze

"This is one of the BEST music conferences that I attended all year!" - Slowjam Powell

"IMC is the place to be this weekend and I learned a lot of knowledge and new outlets about the entertainment business and music industry." - Burt Orilas

"The best conference that I've attended in some time. Cannot wait to see what happens in 2007. See you at IMC07." - Curtis Duggan

Quoting Noel Ramos during a panel, "I follow the dream for others to see and help follow." - Bill

Songsalive! Song Camp presented by Gilli Moon and Bill Pere
"Awesome gift! To be able to create, be great, and celebrate in one hour! Such fun! - Carol Bamesberger

"It was great. I have never written a song in such time. Working with Carol and John was just fun. Really enjoyed myself." - Curtis Duggan

"Song Camp rocks!" - John Dugan

"A great way to end the conference." - J Walker

"As a first time attendee, I found the IMC06 workshops fascinating. I've learned a great deal about the independent music industry. I found the songwriting camp challenging and rewarding. I'll be back next year!" - Tom Harreslon

Entertainment Psychology presented by Jamie Ballard
"Jamie touched on a bunch of topics that I thought only I was going through. What an experience." - Curtis Duggan

"We all need a lesson in being just ourselves and not 'trying' to be. This is a great affirmation to 'be'." - Genevieve

"Jamie is a very knowledgeable, deep presenter who can assist every artist with personal and professional life issues." - J Walker

"Jamie was more than helpful with this mind-opening presentation." - Jim Olivo

"He (Jamie) was very intuitive and inspirational." - Dave Camp

"EXCELLENT." - Randy Rock

Benefits of Doing Benefits presented by Bill Pere
"Thanks, Bill. I now know how to do benefits more towards a cause I believe in and not feel used or get discouraged." - Curtis Duggan

Copyrights presented by Michael Driscoll
"Amazing information. Well presented. Very informative." - Carol Bamesberger

Ethics, Integrity, and Legal Issues Panel presented by various industry folks
"Best money I ever spent!" - Sioux Robbins

Create Your Own Pond - Find Your Own Niche presented by Wendy Keilin
"This one ended on time, but I wish I had more time - give her (Wendy) two hours at the next conference." - Sioux Robbins

"I'm signing up for Wendy's services and buying an instructional CD. I want to create my own niche!" - Annie Dinerman

"A good workshop for people who have rarely looked outside the box. If you don't like the way things are done in biz, show them a different look." - Tom B.

Publishing for Songwriters presented by Rob Case
"Very informative!!" - Sioux Robbins

"Excellent and informative workshop!" - Charlie Phillips

"The best conference that I've attended in some time. Panel was very informative. Cannot wait to see what happens in 2007. See you at IMC07." - Curtis Duggan

Got Ringing? What EVERY Musician Needs to Know about Hearing Loss presented by Elaine Ramos
"Very informative!! This whole conference has been the BEST money I ever spent!" - Sioux Robbins

"Informative handouts." - Jack Ezickson

Looking for Press in All the Right Places presented by Noel Ramos
"You could be the hottest ever, but if your press is weak, you could get the cold shoulder, period." - Tom B.

"Just being here I can feel my music career going much further much faster!" - Josh Van

Indie Music Deals Panel presented by various industry folks
"Great interaction with professional who are in the business. Insight to decision making." - Jack Ezickson

Preparation for the Studio presented by Kyle Ober
"Kyle gave great insight and experiences. Emphasized the attention needed to weak areas." - Jack Ezickson

"Kyle is very knowledgeable when it comes to preparing for recording. He knows his way around a studio." - Curtis Duggan

Vocal Workshop presented by Roxanne Kiely
"Hands on and interactive." - Jack Ezickson

"Roxanne has a powerful presentation and delivers a hands on one-to-one workshop, teaching vocal retraining to both professional and non-professional singers. Her philosophy and technique are well explained and demonstrated with each participant until we grasp it and understand it fully. I look forward to purchasing her materials and working with her privately! Excellent!" - Laura Bradley

"I cam expecting to get basic do's and don't - My delight was to find simple easy hands on corrections to improve the quality and well being of my voice." - Carol Bamesberger

"Thanks Roxanne for reinforcing my knowledge of singing. Now I know I can sing. My career is for suure on the right track." - Curtis Duggan

DISCourse Panel
"This should go on in two sessions per day. Should have a listening sessions with attendees to show more hands on critical listening. Great insight into how pros react to a submission." - Jack Ezickson

Maintaining Artistic Integrity presented by Ravi
"Ravi has the gift of being one with his audience. His ideas and focus were valuable gifts. It was an honor to learn from this master." - Carol Bamesberger

"Ravi is insanely knowledgeable and savvy. Ravi is an inspiration to struggling artists everywhere." - Kevin of Melodeego

Vocal Workshop presented by Kay Pere
"(Kay) knows her stuff!" - John Dugan

Rhymecology presented by J Walker
"Life changing concept... reflecting the maturity of hip-hop, and Jeff was great... calm, 'real' and a clear visionary." - Jamie Ballard

"As a counselor and word master, J has brought to us a new model of reading our world with healing gifts for the problems we are all facing. It crosses all ages and race boundaries." - Carol Bamesberger

"Bring this workshop back!" - Tah

"J Walker is very knowledgeable on the topic of hip-hop and lyrics." - Reginald Farrare

Getting Airplay presented by Lou Pica
"Great insight of getting on the air. He (Lou) made valuable suggestions on information to add to your CD design to enhance your chances of getting airplay." - Annie Dinerman

Legal Concerns for the Indie Musician by Vlad Kushnir
"Protect yourself legally!" - Helen Beck

Street Teaming, Merch, Buzz-Building Panel
"Gilli Moon was an excellent moderator. She kept things very relevant and didn't allow people to talk about their stuff when not relevant, which was great!" - Randy Rock

"Just the beginning of great information. Just apply your common sense." - Helen Beck

Publishing Fact and Fiction Panel
"To have knowledge of how publishing benefits artists and songwriters is extremely important in their respective music careers." - Helen Beck

"Good mix of panelists who were knowledgeable." - Jamell Powell

"Very good!" - Sioux Robbins

Music Business: From Foundation to Franchise presented by Jerry Lembo
"I was able to build with my peers and see they had the same issues building a label, but also had great solutions." - Day

"Workshop was very informative and valuable. Recommend this workshop for every person thinking of getting into the music industry." - Nelson Scott

"It's really great to have a discussion format that addresses your actual needs as opposed to having someone dictate to you!" - Genevieve

8 Keys to Success presented by Bill Pere
"He (Bill) really broke it down so I could understand it better. Thanks to God for allowing me to be here. I've learned a lot. Thanks, Bill." - Timothy F.

"Beyond expectations." - Sioux Robbins

"I thought I knew how to succeed, but Bill has shown me how to understand success. He really knows people and how to communicate. Thanks Bill. Great workshop!" - Curtis Duggan

Tripling Your Audience with Targeted Songwriting presented by Bill Pere
"The information was beyond my expectations." - Reginald Farrare

"This has been extremely informative. It goes beyond my expectations." - LA Virgil

Arrangements are Everything! presented by Lawrence 'Gelboni' Gelburd
"This seminar was fantastic! Give him (Gelboni) two to two and a half hours next year. He was inspiring and brilliant and I want to learn all that I can from this guy." - Sioux Robbins

Media Challenge Panel
"I can't imagine a better group of panelists for this subject." - Jamie Campbell

"Great workshop! Dealt with the major labels and felt used, abused, and confused... went independent. Regain creative control, got put on the correct path of music. Now I am a real artist. Thanks IMC!!! It's 'kewl' to be an independent music artist/producer." - Curtis Duggan

"Very thorough, informative, and professional. Thanks!" - Wendy Keilin

"I learned more listening to the panelists at the IMC than any other seminar on the East Coast!" - Slowjam Powell

Technology Panel
"Very informative. Don't sleep in!" - Lori Citro


To Noel & Elaine,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to your audience this past weekend at the IMC. In my opinion it was a complete success - mainly because the both of you were complete professionals! Here's to many more prosperous IMC's!

Jamell Slowjam Powell

Dear Noel,

It was such a pleasure to meet you at last week's MMC in Harrisburg. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking on our panel together, and I learned a lot from your insights and point of view on our topic. I look forward to spending more time with you at the IMC in September, and I feel extremely fortunate to have become friends with such a brilliant and influential leader in the industry. Take care, and see you in Philly!

Rana Sobahny

Noel, Gilli, and team -

I've been delighted with this IMC Conference! I've attended quite a few conferences, workshops, etc. where they charged much more and delivered far less. Every session I attended was excellent, and I learned much! A suberb educational value for any independent songwriter/musician!! And, collaborating with Dan & Laura was sensational!

Genell Kelso

From: All Rize
Date: Sep 8, 2006 3:52 PM

Hey IMC! Thanks for the SUPPORT!! Great Conference! See Ya Next Year!!

From: Lauren Briant
Date: Sep 7, 2006 5:00 PM

Hey! The conference was great. I am planning already to come to the one in Dallas in 2007! Thanks for all the hard work and the nice kudo with the video of the year award!:-)

From: Annie Dinerman
Message dated 9/9/06

Many thanks for a great conference in Philly. I have just sent a song to Christine Ohlman and she has agreed to help get the song to the right person at Saturday Night Live as it would be good for a "Dreamgirls" sketch (the movie will open in December). Noelle Baroody has offered to put me in touch with a festival producer in South Africa that brings foreign artists in for events. I have signed up for career counselling with Wendy Keilin, who has invited me to go to NERFA with her. And I got a live on air interview with Dr. Lou to promote my new CD. The panels provided solid information on submitting my music for airplay and other topics. Plus, I gave my first performance in Philly (and had dinner at Bookbinder's for under $20!). All in all, it was a weekend well spent.

From: Rudy Schmehl
Message dated 9/8/06

Well folks, I just do not know where to start. IMC06 was simply fantastic. I have been out of town trying to play catchup for the vacation days last Thursday and Friday; so this note will be short. I want to put all my thoughts in order and then send you an all inclusive email about the conference. I am sure that you both are very busy following up on after conference business. For now, I want to say thank you for how you made us feel so welcome. It made us extremely comfortable. I am still flying high. I have been talking about everything that happened over the five days that we were in Philly to people here in Reading and I am certain that I have an additional five prospective attendees for next year. Do we know what the dates are going to be? Is it always over the Labor Day weekend? I will write more over the weekend. Thank you again for everything!

From: John Harris of the MMC
Message dated 9/7/06

You guys had more going on at the IMC than I could fathom... what a great resource for independent musicians...

From: Christine Ohlman
Message dated 9/6/06

Noel and Elaine - I've just returned from New York and this is my first chance to write. A pleasure to be with you this past weekend. The conference by my observation seemed to be a success, and I trust this matches up with the reality. I enjoyed meeting all the other presentors and artists in attendance. Your hard work seems to have been well worth it.

From: Kathy Duffy of Officer Roseland
Message dated 9/4/06

WE DID IT ! Monday Sept. 4, 2006, Dan, Brian, and I sat down at the computer and created Officer Roseland Limited. We set the start date as 9/5/06. We started to brain storm a business plan and we are gonna work on that a bit more. And at some point we are going to get together with Dave Dickson and go over the business plan. WOooHOooo!! The IMC 2006 was a great experience. Many thanks to you and Elaine. I took lots of notes, met some very good people, and heard a lot of fun music. It was nice to see/meet both you and Elaine. :)

From: Tim Miller
Message dated 9/5/06

Hi Elaine and Noel - Just wanted to thank you both for a fantastic conference. Although I could not stay for the weekend - I am sure it was as tremendously successful as Wednesday and Thursday were. Being able to perform and winning the award for best Indie Web Site was truly an honor that will never be forgotten. Thanks again and please keep in touch.

From: Slowjam Powell
Message dated 9/5/06

Just wanted to come by and say that I had a great time at this year's IMC. What made it special for me is that I recieved information that could really help my career as a radio personality and industry insider. David Cooper's class was outstanding and he really helped me to look at some things objectively. This years panels were very informative. Simply put, I just had a great time. I wish you guys the best for the rest of the year. You are really good hosts and Indie professionals! Thanks for everything. See you next time around.

From: Courtney Schmehl
Message dated 9/2/06

Dear Noel and Elaine - I wanted to tell you both what a great experience I've had over the last couple of days. I've learned a lot and have met some pretty extraordinary people, yourselves included. IMC is a wonderful thing. It is inspiring to see so many people so passionate about what they do and why they do it. You guys are doing a stellar job! I can't wait 'til next year! Thank you so much for all your hard work and your kindness and dedication. It does not go unnoticed.


A letter from Susan Crandall, Independent Artist

Indie Music Conference in Philly, 2005... Indie Takeover! Tah Phrum Duh Bush; Playin' Syx; Melodeego... Amazing Artists Were Everywhere! Susan and Ducado of Soultree just got back from the most inspiring and fulfilling music conference. The IMC05 in Philly was worth every minute and cent it took to get there! Thanks Noel, for being such a gracious host. We want to introduce you to some of the hottest Indie Musicians in the country. Sincerely, Susan Crandall

Tah Phrum Duh Bush A Beautiful Man and a Beautiful Voice. Tah Phrum Duh Bush is an oddball amongst artists. Dude is so askew from the norm, he is often labeled a weirdo-nonconformist-freak... "Hey man this cat just ain't right!" Yet somehow, strangely, it's actually quite cool! Tah has been seen on stage doing wide ranges of craziness. Tah can be found in the bowels of New York City on a stage dropping science and knowledge in one instant and in the next he's on the floor humping an imaginary sex partner with the fury of a sex starved bison while prompting the crowd to "Lay that Pipe!" Consequently, Tah Phrum Duh Bush has chosen to represent himself as the antithesis of all; the positive to every negative and the negative to every positive; an oxymoron live in the flesh! To be succinct, he's the epitome of "Filthy- Clean!" There is neither good nor bad. There only is what is. Straying away from the cliche of today's generic musical formats, Tah Phrum Duh Bush gives birth to themes of life that 99% of earth's population can relate to in one way or another. From the pinnacles of mania to the deep fathoms of depression, Tah's artistry represents both ends of the Chi, both sides of the Yin-Yang, and all shades of the spectrum in between. No holy person is without sin and no sinner is without sanctity. Tah finds mid-ground without ever being at a polar extreme for an extended period of time. Tah's lyrical wizardry entrances the listener to frequently indulge in usage of the rewind function on his/her listening device to catch metaphors of great magnitude that manage to elude the weak of thought.

Check out this man's verse. He is truly amazing. He will be coming to Dallas to hang out with Soultree... He WILL play live. Stay tuned!

Playin' Syx Tradin' a six-gun for a six-string!

A tough scrappy bad-ass, Steve was born to not just piss you off or upset you, he was born to F#%K your world! Starting in college, Steve perfected the ability to cut you with both his sharp tongue and quick wit. He grabbed a lot of crap daytime jobs so that he could pay the bills, but otherwise he lived with no limits and no bullshit, always looking for a way to just get to his destination without worrying about the journey. He gives out such strong vibes; that way he doesn't have to kick yer ass. To Steve Syx, making music is a way of life, but he still keeps walking into the shit of the music world. He doesn't usually appreciate all the squishy mess that bubbles up between his toes, but perhaps in time, he will get over it. Steve's wild nature and determination, coupled with an itch to meet everyone he could, roughly yanked him into a new realm filled with Sex, Drugs and, of course, Rock And Roll! The debut CD "Finding MySelf HERE" brings together many styles absorbed by the young man. Songs that span his growing years playing in clubs, bars and even backyards. Inspired by life itself and the experiences people brought him, taking elements from Rock, Pop, Soul, and Blues, and the gritty voice of his southern fried heroes, he gives you his soul on a piece of plastic. Steve sat in with Susan at a show in Philly. He was a lifesaver!

Melodeego Extraordinary! In the style of Otis Redding, The Black Crowes, and Van Morrison - Melodeego has carved out their own unique and modern "Soul N Roll" niche. Metronome Magazine states, "Melodeego has a curiously tight, familiar soul sound that expounds on a vibe and feel that came out of southern Baptist churches, Motown and Chicago in the 50's and 60's.

Steeped in the tradition of gospel and faith healing emotional rescue, Melodeego's frontman, Peter Malagodi, takes those influences, shakes 'em up in a bag of new tricks, sprinkles some new millennium sarcasm and spirituality throughout." Smother.net adds, "The foundation is set to the rhythm of old soulful rock-n-roll that creaks of yesteryear when the bling and glitz didn't dominate the charts as much as Sly and the Family Stone did."

These guys are incredible! They sat in with Susan at Fergie's on Saturday night; unbelievably professional, and a fantastic group of guys. They played Soultree songs like we had been practicing for months... and they had never heard the music.

Soultree - Independent Music Dallas, Texas 75217 www.soultreemusic.com

tish@3kisses wrote:

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in music magazine publishing, Noel Ramos, InterMixx.com, Inc. knows exactly what music industry professionals are looking for. His business session "Looking for Press in all the Right Places" held in store an abundance of useful information for Indie artists, no matter what their level.Each attendee received a 7-page primer outlining everything you need to know to create effective PPKs and EPKs and what situations call for what version.In addition to touching on the information in the primer, such as pros and cons of PPKs vs. EPKs, what information to include in your press kits, how to make your press kit stand out and the importance of including compelling photos (which Noel pointed out might be enough to get you into print, in and of themselves); he also took sample press kits from the audience members and picked them apart, pointing out what was done well and what was done not so well.Noel's hands on approach provided attendees with a visual demonstration which could be applied along with his primer upon the artists' return home. This streamlined session was informative, interesting and captivating.

On Sept 6, 2005, Soultreemusic wrote:

God Noel, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the IMC. You put on a great party! The people that I met and the music I heard were above and beyond what I expected. The talent and positivity were immense. I will return every year! It was so great to put a face with your name. I am kind of old fashioned that way. I tend to gauge a person by their energy, and I loved both yours and Elaine's. Sincerely, Susan

On Sept 5, 2005, T.I.M. wrote:

Thanks to all involved, this was a great success for Texas Independent Musicians! We all really learned a lot and met a lot of fantastic people. New friends, new contacts and new outlooks. And a great time! Thanks to the IMC for inviting us and putting on this event.

Our show at Club 218 was a great show, with fantastic bands, great energy and a friendly, helpful staff at the venue. Watch for some photos up on the official website in a few days.

I would like to give generous thanks to the performers from T.I.M. that participated; without their sacrifices and time (and talent!) this could not have been done. I appreciate all the hard work you all did!

Playin' Syx, Leslie Bowe, Mister Neutron, Crystal and the Wolves and 3 Kisses.

I'm glad we could make it there and help participate in a fantastic event! It was a blast, that's for sure. We all met a lot of great people and great musicians; such friendly and helpful people!! Looking forward to participating again and to the continued success for all involved.

Indie is the wave of the future, and the future starts now!!! Sincerely, Robert

On Sept 6, 2005, tish@3kisses wrote:

3 Kisses rocks Pennsylvania!

We just returned from IMC05 in Philly and our first roadtrip with the new rhythm section. Everything was going great until Melissa and Amanda got nailed with sinus infections. Didn't slow them down, much, though. 3 Kisses rocked out the kick-off party at Emerald City in Philly with great bands like The Suburban Sound and The Answers. We got great legal advice from Marcy Rauer-Wagman, a crash course in developing an image from John Battaglia, I got a great one-on-one with artist development guru, Jordan Tishler, a psychic reading from "The Mystic" and linked up with fellow indie rockers Ducado Vega and Susan Crandall from Soultree out of Dallas. They gave me lots of great insight into stepping up the marketing a bit. The last workshop of the conference could not have come at a better time. (Thanks, Dr. Jamie Ballard) Definite affirmation that I'm on the right path, personally. We met lots of other great artists and industry professionals and got to play the Texas Independent Musicians stage with our friends, Mister Neutron, Playin' Syx and new friends Crystal and the Wolves and Leslie Bowe.

We were up and at 'em in a few hours trying to glean every tidbit of information from the workshops offered at IMC 05 and network with all the great people in attendance. Sleep? We don't need no stinking sleep!!

Sunday night, Robert Stuckey of Texas Independent Musicians hosted the stage at Club 218 on Philly's South St. What a great time was had! Our friends, Jimmy and April drove down from Harrisburg for the show and we had lots of cool people in the audience like Laurie from Oasis, Kyle Ober, Wendy... and then of course, all the other fabulous musicians we had the honor and privilege of sharing the stage with.

Oh, I'd like to give an extra special shout out to The Suburban Sound for loaning us their gear at Emerald City (check these guys out - they are a-freakin'-mazing) and Mister Neutron from NJ for not only sharing their gear with us, but bringing an extra amp...JUST for us. These guys put on one helluva show, too. See you soon! - XXX, Tish

From Robert Stuckey, Director - Texas Independent Musicians

IMC05 was such a fantastic event, I can't even hardly wait for the next one! I learned a lot, met a bunch of great new friends, and enjoyed the heck out of it on so many levels!! The panels and workshops were top-notch, and I highly suggest that anyone serious about their craft participate as often as they can. The hard work, professionalism and help from the IMC, other participants and bands gives me a warm feeling about the future of Indie and Music, that's for sure. I am looking forward to working again often with the IMC, and with this caliber of people, the sky's the limit! Thank you!!!!!

Robert Stuckey, Director - Texas Independent Musicians

From Tom Quinn, Entrapy Music Group

Noel, hey it's Tom from Entrapy Music Group. I had a great time at the IMC05. I was talking with Elaine on the monday of IMC. I am local to Philly and could help out with rooms for the bands to play at. One room isn't too far from the hotel and is pretty big. 3 bands could be playing at once in same venue. Also, we could work out a food/drink deal with them to help lower the cost of eating and drinking for the attendees. Let me know what you think. Talk to you soon.

Tom Quinn

On Oct 20, 2005, entertainpsych wrote:

Hey Elaine and Noel

Hey... I was sitting here at my desk and I thought of IMC ('03 '04 '05). I'm not sure if I thanked you formally. So, allow me to do so now. Thank you. IMC, both, have beengreat... I'm happy to have been a part of them. Please, continue considering me, returning is an honor; the connections and energy just feel 'right.'

Let me know if you feel my presence will be beneficial next year and/or 'along the way.'

Warmest regards, Jamie

On Sept 5, 2005, Francine Starr wrote:

Re: FMSTAR and Independent Music Conference 2005 Live And Local Television

Dearest Elaine And Noel, THANK YOU SO-SO-SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME AT YOUR 2005 CONFERENCE!!! Your conference was very educational and well managed. I would highly recommend that all Independent Musicians, attend your lectures and workshops. During, my visit at your conference I found the panelists to be very informative, supportive and responsive. Especially, towards new artists. The goody bags and back packs you provided were packed full of really cool stuff. I could not believe "the generosity" of all the artists and sponsors that attended. They gave away all kinds of things. CDs, pins, key chins, mugs and more... "Receiving all that free stuff, is absolutely worth the price of admission!" I would love too be, invited to attend again. Looking forward to continuing, to conduct business with you in the future. I Thank You Again! Respectfully, Francine Star

Jamell Slowjam Powell wrote:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to your audience this past weekend at the IMC. In my opinion it was a complete success - mainly because both of you were complete professionals! Here's to many more prosperous IMCs!


Thanks SO much for responding so quickly to the questions Elaine sent out! This was not only a SUPER recharging experience for us, prompting us to renew our focus on the positive, (where it should be), but your advice and suggestions are also incredibly useful.

It's interesting to note the differences too, such as some people wanting MORE pre-event promo parties and some wanting none! :)

I also appreciate the feedback from those who travelled far to visit us, and I know Philly is not inexpensive! I can only do so much about that... big northeastern cities are like that.

Please take the time to read these and you'll get a sense of how powerful the environment is at the IMC. I'm very proud that we have been able to accomplish so much in only three short years.

Please keep sending us your comments! Email IMC@InterMixx.com

From: Bill Pere

Positive Comments: Great educational content. Great networking opportunities. Great collegial atmosphere. Great facility.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: The stuff that came from the collaboration and song critique sessions was exceptional, and it clearly had a transformative effect on some of the artists. It was great to see light bulbs go off on peoples faces during some of the workshops.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Allow at least 5-10 minutes between sessions to allow for changeover time. The DisCourse session needs some tweaking -- too many panelists, and not enough sensitivity on how to deliver criticism without turning off the artists' willingness to listen. I would either cut the number of panelists way down, or have no more than 4 people comment on a given submission, with that arranged in advance. Also, some guidelines for panelists on how to critique would be helpful.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Absolutely.

From: David Wimble

Positive Comments: The panel subjects and panelists were good.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Seeing my friend's son in law Stef (the cello player from Iceland) for the first time.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Fewer panels at once.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Yes.

From: Jeff Cohn

Positive Comments: Was overall a fun experience, great learning from John Battaglia, I liked the one-on-one sessions.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: John Battaglia

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: less pre event events... I got emails to the point of spam on myspace about a different party I was expected to attend every other weekend all summer... then when the actual event occurred I almost missed it due to being so used to receiving and ignoring them. Just do a kick off party and an event, don't try to make it into a summer long thing, most of the people involved in the panels have too much else to do and the "reminders" lose all their meaning when its over saturated to the point of annoyance like it was. I didn't want IMC to be my life, I wanted it to be a weekend in August.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Undecided, depends on schedule and career

From: Jon Dacks

It was my pleasure to be a part of IMC. For positive comments, I think both Elaine and Noel are professional, organized and have wonderful intentions on supporting local musicians. It's a great place for musicians to network and be heard. The only constructive comment I have is I think we should do more IMC shows, maybe on a monthly basis. Consistency will help get the word out. Other then that, I think things are on the right track. Rock on!

From: Jordan Tishler

Positive Comments: There is a lot of brain power there from which musicians can learn. The presentation is low key and "family" feel.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: It's just too long. It is too many days to afford to be present for more than half. For musicians it must be much harder on their wallets. I think, as I've said before, that the whole thing could be consolidated into 3 days. Furthermore, using the holiday weekend is actually a liability for those of us with families. Ideally I'd like a Thurs opening ceremony, Fri and Sat conference, Sunday wrap up/brunch. Obviously, you need to get back in with a few more hip and easy to walk to venues.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Of course! Keep on truckin'!

From: Theresa Morton

I was truly blessed to be a part of your awesome function. I look forward to next year- i'm going to make it for entire weekend. these are just a few feedback comments I have.

1. Would like to be able to perform in one or more of the mainstream venues.

2. I thought the panel discussions were great based on the articles in the paper.

3. I think next year could be a slam dunk if planned well. Overall, I thought the conference was a splendid idea. As I shared with you before I left I can assist in creating an entire Gospel showcase if the opportunity allows. You guys just let me know and I can contact the individuals on that end.

From: Dave Dickson

Positive Comments: Excellent conference, you are constantly able to find great instructors and quality programs.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Meeting several of the other instructors; Ravi and Jamie (Entertainment Psychology) also meet a couple of new artists.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Yes but I will try to a stay downtown next time to enjoy the conference even more.

From: Judy Samuel

Positive Comments: Due to the limited number of participants we were able to spend much more time with the attendees and forge closer bonds with many of them. The feedback since the conference has been gratifying and we are keeping in touch with many of the musicians we were privileged to meet there. As the focus of the conference was on many of the issues concerning serious independent musicians, I feel that the opportunity to meet potential new customers was greatly enhanced. The conference was well-organized and well managed. The dedication and enthusiasm of the organizers, Noel and Elaine made the experience a totally positive one for both vendors and attendees. And it was a lot of fun, too!

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: The showcases were awesome! It was great to meet not only new musicians and vendors, but to meet in-person a surprising number of Oasis clients that we've enjoyed working with in the past.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Just keep up the good work!

Do you plan on attending IMC06? We certainly plan be there! I'd hate to miss it!

From: David Cooper

It was my pleasure to participate in the IMC this year and look forward to next year as well. These type of confabs start slowly but build over the years, I have seen it before, CIC, SxSW, Billboard, In-Tix. Your advantage is the newspaper.

Of course I think on-line distribution, with subscription of some kind. And hey have I got a solution for you...

My only suggestion is the timing, Holiday weekend at the beginning of school year, not sure it is the best choice, summer folks leaving, and school folks not yet settled in.

From: Scott Bradoka

Positive Comments: Very positive vibe from everyone.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Unfortunately, I was very sick during the conference so I wasn't able to hang

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: A new website would help. That seems to be lacking. Maybe more advertising, too?

Do you plan on attending the IMC06? Yes

From: Ben Herson

Thank YOU for having us. Sorry we had to bail so quickly this year.

Positive Comments: As always - it's great to see so many independent musicians together in the same place doing what they love and trying to learn more about how to market their craft. Keep up the good work!

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Would love to see some more diversity of artists involved as well. Maybe some networking with other independent music scenes i.e. youth, urban music, ethnic etc would help to expand some of the styles of music you have involved and increase attendance.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? I'll do my best! Thanks again for having us.

From: Frank Porter

Positive Comments: The panels were excellent as well as the hotel accommodations (with the exception of having to pay for parking). Excellent networking opportunities.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Fergies on Saturday was a bit of a zoo but by the time we hit the last note in our set the crowd was awesome and so charged up from our music that I was beside myself. The band had been working and rehearsing so hard and we were so new at that point. To be so well received was truly an awesome moment. I gathered some useful info on creating a look, as well as finding gigs in some different places.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: The bands were not scheduled at Fergies so there was some confusion and there also was a sound system issue that seemed to cause us all to start late which caused some tension. I also think the magazines were not distributed early enough. I think one time before one of the promo parties there was actually a good window of time to get them out well in advance of the party. In some cases there was just a few days to get them out at the last minute. The answer is getting the magazines out earlier. As for the band confusion/tension I would say having a firm schedule and a sound system in place preferably with an IMC sound board operator should take care of all the trouble. It actually worked itself out fairly well all things considered in my opinion. One more important thing. There should be more extra large IMC T-shirts available.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Yes

From: Ravi

Positive Comments: Always a good educational opportunity... well focused, personal enough, and filled with people truly in search of knowledge.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Nice meeting new people (Dave Richards, John Battaglia) as well as meeting old friends (Jordan Tishler, Gilli Moon).

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Panels should have at least 15 minutes, if not 30, in between to allow attendees to follow up with panelists on the spot (as well as to help keep things on time). DISCourse is a good idea, but not efficient enough to really be of maximum service to attendees. I am actually in more favor of the traditional Demo Derby, as the reality of the world (let alone the industry) is that the listener's ear must be seduced within the first 30 seconds, otherwise it is passed over (by the public, not just the industry). If it is really to be constructive in the sense that the panel should direct the artist specifically on how to achieve that, then a compilation CD should be made and distributed to panelists ahead of time (eliminating the need for closed panel), and then comments should be compiled and delivered to the artist, perhaps in a forum where artists can respond and get follow up advice, such as the reaction panel.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Yes.

From: Robert Case

I had a great time at the conference this year and felt it run very well. I really liked reading the positive feedback evaluations you sent me from my workshops. I am glad that people got some useful information. If you need me to be on panels or workshops. Elaine, Noel and you are first class people and work hard and I really think it will grow. I will definitely attend IMC06.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Some suggestions for improvement would be to have ASCAP, BMI, and The Recording Academy get involved in some way. There is a local office in Philadelphia for the Recording Academy and I think having the local office rep come speak about the originations and its membership would be a benefit to musicians. I like Dick Gabriel from AFM coming and talking about the benefits they have to offer. I liked the Music Guide REP that came and spoke to everyone.

Having some one from the local news paper media, Radio, TV, to talk about ways promoting a musicians music through media. I know InterMixx Magazine is the main word of mouth tool that Noel wants to use. The hotel location is great! I think nailing down the clubs in writing as far as showcases are concerned is big so you don't run into problems of over bookings like recently. I also think if a band or artist is selected to perform they should attend the conference as a condition and not just show up just to showcase. I liked the hotel opening reception and showcases and the closing night. I thought that was great! Getting people to volunteer to help from the local colleges that are studying marketing, advertising, Audio Visual, Communications that are seniors, juniors that will do it for free to get the experience of working on a event like this. Overall there are a few things that would help. I will help any way I can if you need me too.

From: Robert (TIM)

Positive Comments: A lot of good panels and workshops which covered matters very germane to the way bands, venues and people interact with each other and the industry. Many varied points of view and variety of ways at looking at things. Refreshing honesty from a large number of participants.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Impromptu playing (aka jam sessions) after hours at the hotel. Meeting the participants who were there to learn and grow. Having fun with positive people.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Sheraton is more focused on business (expense account) patrons, too expensive otherwise. Venues too far away from hotel to be anywhere near cost-effective; it makes more sense to get a room half the price 5 or 10 miles away and then take taxis or a bus than it does to stay there. Thinking shuttle busses, or a location closer to the bulk of the venues. Participants with cars. More organization on transportation.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Yes.

From: Ariella

Positive Comments: Great vibe, great lectures, great music, great people.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: The lectures were really informative, some really distinguished people were there, it was a great way to network and every independent artist in Philadelphia should go next year!

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: No suggestions- but wasn't sure when you were expecting me to have the video done.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? yes

From: Michael Driscoll

I would agree that the IMC has positioned itself as a great opportunity for Indie artists/agents/reps etc. to network and to gain greater understand of the industry and "processes for success".

I decided to present "copyrights "this year because while I was at the 2004 IMC there were many misuses of the benefits and process. So I saw a need and filled it.

This year I enjoyed being more involved as an Instructor and Panelist.

One of the most memorable moments was talking with Ravi at one of his sessions. We talked about Ravi's philosophy about "Music Integrity". It was very cool sitting and talking with another artist that is as passionate as I am about positive change in both business and art.

I would be glad to get more involved with the 2006 IMC, and with InterMixx. As an Arts/ Business Professional and as an Artist.

I have several ideas that I am considering for next years conference. Once I narrow it down, I will let you know.

From: Carol Bamesberger

I arrived at the conference as a solo music writer and left there as a member of the community! It fed my soul! Meeting others on the same journey touched me. Hugs from Africa - Carol

From: Soultree

Positive Comments: Love the whole experience!

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Elaine, Noel, all the musicians

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Double booking.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Of course

From: Jeremy Bryan

Positive Comments: I think you guys are very fair on what you charge for the conference and promotion for artists. I was also pleased with the panelists you chose. And just about everyone I met was super cool.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: My biggest issue was parking. $20 a day for parking adds up quick. Especially considering the money I spent to get there and have a place to stay. My only other issue, and it's not just your conference, is that most the panelists seem to give you advice on how to get signed to a label or get major publishing. But not everyone is looking to sign with a label. That's why we're independent artists right. I'd like to hear more about how to survive as an artist without label support. A class on being a truly independent artist and stickin it to the man!

Do you plan on attending IMC06? I certainly do.

From: Rich Drinkhouse - Tower Records

Positive Comments: couple of really good bands that I was fortunate enough to check out

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: memorable moment, actually making to an event on time

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Yes

From: Coole High

Positive Comments: I always meet a great group of individuals and this time made some good acquaintences in the Philly area.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Linking up with a guy who helped book some further shows in the Philly/So. Jersey area.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: For the R&B and Hip Hop acts to integrate with the Rock acts, perhaps at different venues besides the hotel. Good music is good music.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Yes

From: Crystal and the Wolves

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. We've been busy recording and we just finished the record and are about to send it off to Oasis! Hooray :) Anyway, here is our feedback. You and Noel do a great service to artists and industry alike. Stay in touch. Best, Crystal

Positive Comments: Loved the Extreme Marketing Panel (with Ducado and Susan), loved the general attitude of the organizers, panelists and the artists. Rockstar image panel was great too.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Robert Case, Ducado, Elaine and Noel, Robert Stuckey from TIM (absolutely awesome person), 3 kisses.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: The organization of the performances needs a lot of improvement. While we realize that the performances are the least important aspect of the conference (and we're well aware that the performances are the biggest pain for Noel!), that doesn't excuse the complete disorganization surrounding many of the performance nights. Probably a lot of headache for Noel and the performers would be removed if at minimum groups were relatively sure when they were playing. That seemed the most confusing and stressful element. If there were a schedule set more in stone about when and where and who, then there wouldn't be much for people to complain about. Showing up to a gig and having no idea when you are playing and having no one reliable to ask for details is fairly stressful and it is understandable that artists would get frustrated even if they do know it's not the focus of the conference.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? We really want to, but whether it's in the cards financially and travel-wise for us we're not sure at this point, but we should have a better idea about that in the spring time. If we do - we'll bring some more of our people from San Francisco!

From: Sean Iannarone - Almost Doesn't Count

Positive Comments: Had fun. Everyone was cool. Discussion groups were informative.

Memorable Moments/Information/Contacts: Good networking.

Concerns - Suggestions for Improvement: Scheduling and booking of shows was dysfunctional. If venues are cancelled the anwser is not to mess up other scedules to compensate. There needs to be a back up plan for situations like that and the bands affected must be dealt w/ on an individual basis. It went a little rough and needs to be smoothed out and promoted more in the area.

Do you plan on attending IMC06? Possibly but unlikely. I gathered most of the information that would be of use to me and am currently trying to exercise it. Thank you.

From: Wendy Keilin

I still owe you feedback from the conference. Which was fabulous, of course! You have my heartfelt gratitude for all that you do - it is a true gift to the music community.

»»»  IMC06 Workshop and Panel Comments  «««

The Rockstar in You: The 7 Keys to Building a Rockstar Image ­ John Battaglia · "(This workshop) exceeded my expectations." Eric Kephart · "Fantastic! And valuable!" · "Was very cool!" Ken Kobayashi · "Excellent!" Frank Porter Vocal and Performance Excellence- The 'Memel Method' ­ Steven Memel · "I thought that it would be voice lessons. What I saw and received were instantaneous transformations! This workshop surpassed above and beyond all I ever expected and hoped for. This man (Steven) is absolutely a master. It was and is more than beneficial; it's life changing. I would recommend that every singer, actor, musician, dancer would benefit from this master's guidance! And what fun and how nicely done. What a joy! Nabiyah · "Fanfrickintastic! I am not the same person I was when I came in; definitely not the same singer!" Wendy Keilin · "Steven is excellent!" Jeska · "Steve is the man! Invaluable workshop!" Maria Marocka · "He (Steven) gifted each of us with individual care and training." Carol Bamesberger Songsalive! Songcamp ­ Gilli Moon, Toni Koch, and Bill Pere · "I felt psyched to go home to write and rewrite my songs" Robyn Harris · "Wow! What an experience! I am your new monster!" Nabiyah · "Fabuloso!" Wendy Keilin · "very inspiring and knowledgeable" Lavon Stevens · "I love the process questions after performances ­ inspiration questions. You are so loving, and that's what it takes to do this. This workshop had a well-organized structure, but was flexible" Brian S. · "Wow! I am blown away. Sucha a great opportunity to fly! Carol Banesberger · "Love it! Keep doing it" · "This is my favorite part of the whole weekend!" Kay Pere MPWR Workshop - Artist Empowerment ­ Gilli Moon · "I loved artistry! It is a life-long journey. Enjoy the process!" Carol Bamesberger · "She's awesome!" Frank Porter The Art of the Deal: Management, Agency, Publishing, Production, and Recording Gregg Seneff · "I learned that I need a good lawyer! Gregg was very informative" Will Holt · "Very knowledgeable presenter. Well done." Basic Legal Concerns For Indie Musicians ­ Vlad Kushnir · "Excellent job with a tough topic!" Lavon Stevens Breaking Down the Myths About Copyrights ­ Michael Driscoll · "I really appreciate the help!" Kris Miller · "Very helpful practical advice." · "I learned exactly what I expected to learn. Excellent workshop. (Michael) answered all of my questions with patience." Tracy Stark Ear Responsibility-What EVERY Musician Needs to Know About Hearing Loss - Elaine Law-Ramos · "Changed my way of listening to music. Much more careful now!" Will Holt · "This workshop far exceeded my expectations." Tom Quinn 8 Keys to Success in the Music Business ­ Bill Pere · "Clearly understanding the basis of personality causes clear communication." Carol Bamesberger Entertainment Psychology (EP) ­ Jamie Ballard · "This was a great workshop. James really opened my mind. Would like to see it again next year." Tom Quinn · "100% true knowledge shared here. Opens your mind extremely." Will Holt · "James gave a lot of validation to my system of thinking and the actions I'm taking to facilitate my success." Tish Meeks · "Most valuable session of the conference!" · James concept of the industry and being a participant in the ndustry are excellent!" Dave Dickson Extreme Music Marketing and College Radio ­ Ducado Vega and Susan Crandall · "Hell yes!!!" (Did the workshop meet your expectations?) Tah Phrum Dah Bush · "Very unique. Strong and concrete." Satoru Nakagawa · "These guys taught a wealth of stuff with their own personal experience." Coole High · "They're GREAT and FUN! Good ideas." Kris Miller · "Energy!" Derek · "Keep rockin'!" Nicolino (Showin' Tell) · "Energetic. They had lots of good ideas." · "Great and innovative!" Getting Started From the Ground Up ­ Docta Shock · "Very open, insightful discussion." Will Holt High Profile Organizations and Charitable Performances ­ Lou Pica · "Good workshop to promote again." Bernadette Porter How to Leverage Information and Avoid Wasting up to 90% of Your Music Promotion Efforts ­ Geraldine Calvo · "I went to Jean-Marc's workshop last year, so this was a refresher ­ will be a useful focus for myself and my clients." Wendy Keilin Lose the 'Louie Louie' Elocution: Diction for Singers and Songwriters-Skills for Stage and Studio ­ Kay Pere · "Excellent!" Bonnie Foster It's the Music Business! ­ March Rauer-Wagman · "She (Marcy) rocked!" Noelle Reiners · "Marcy's great!" Gary Breton Music Publishing for Songwriters ­ Robert Case · "Geared the presentation to each of the participant's needs!" Carol Bamesberger Workshop for Neo Soul and Spoken Word Recording Artists ­ Maurice Henderson · "Maurice knows his stuff and knows resources." Coole High · "Thank you!" Jason Perry The Prosperous Artist ­ Wendy Keilin · "Gives hope! Let's you know that success is up to you! Thanks Wendy!" Will Holt · "Wendy rocks!" Tah Phrum Dah Bush · "Great! Eleven (11) steps to success!" · "Brilliantly explained eleven (11) steps!" Carol Bamesberger Studio Prep and Production 101 ­ Kyle Ober · "Needed more time!" Amanda Nunan Tripling Your Audience with Targeted Songwriting ­ Bill Pere · "Presented detailed handouts interesting perspective." Wendy Keilin · "I got good information about songwriting. He (Bill) was great!" Satoru Nakagawa · "Great workshop!" Rob Thomas Digital Delivery It's Still Morphing Panel · "Excellent content. Knowledgeable panel." Bonnie Foster · "The inspiration to go online fulltime with my music was completed here." Gary Breton Merch ­ Expanding Your Revenue Streams Panel · "Very good information. It opened my mind to many new things." Robert Thomas · "Gave me a new understanding of revenue streams. I learned that more is better." Will Holt · "You are GREAT!" Kris Miller Street Teaming and Buzz Building Panel · "Good panel got a lot in an hour." Jon Scholl · "Toni has good energy. She's easy to connect. Fun!" Will Holt Indie Booking and Full Spectrum Touring Panel · "This panel has great background for what this subject was about ­ very fulfilling. Gilli espoused ­ 'Make things happen for yourself'." Toni Koch Women in the Music Business Panel · "This was the BEST seminar that should be promoted more." Xavier · "Great panel. Very involving, informative, with so many difference emotions to share. There is ultimate power in the knowledge that women express." Win-Win or No Deal! Panel · "Very good panel interesting." Jon Scholl · "In the ten minutes I was here I learned a lot!" Jason Perry Production/Artist Development Roundtable · "Please invite them back. Good stuff!" ________________________________________________ Thank you all!!! We'll see you again at IMC06 in both Philly and Dallas, Texas! Visit IMC06.com for info.


From:   Madmvenus

Subject: Oops! they did it again!!!

Date: September 7, 2004 11:44:38 AM EDT

To:   noel@intermixx.com


Dearest Noel & Elaine,

What were we thinking when we almost didn't come back to IMC!

I cannot tell you how inspired, energized, driven I am when we get back to NYC.

This is by far one of the most supportive places to bring our music and ourselves.

Thank you for the one on one attention and the great panelists and all their hard work.

Oh yeah and thanx for my 5th edition of the Indie Bible.

It's soooooooooooo necessary for this indie life.

Have an amazing day!

see ya soon!




p.s another thanx for my new favorite band FLUTTR!  I'm listening to their CD.:-)


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같

"Hello, Noel, and the rest of IMC. My name is Jason Rubal. I am a producer in the Harrisburg, PA area. I own Seventh Wave Studio. I've worked with bands that have been on the Lollapalooza Tour, Vans Warped Tour, Nine Inch Nails world tour, and Halo Star tour. I worked with The Dresden Dolls on world tour with Nine Inch Nails, I work out of the the private studio owned by the band LIVE, and have worked for several labels including Nothing Records, owned by Trent Reznor. First, let me say, I am impressed. Very impressed. The world could certainly benefit from a few more of you! The integrity, the sincerity, it is what the industry needs. I have heard Noel speak, and I have been on your website. Finally, someone who "gets it" is in control of something. Bravo. Noel, I am honored that you have allowed me to be a part of such an event filled with integrity and genuine interest in helping musicians. Of all the events such as these, yours is the most organized and sincere. Year after year, please consider myself a part of the IMC."
Jason Rubal, Seventh Wave Studio

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같

From: lberry
Subject: Please support IMC05
Date: September 29, 2004 4:20:48 PM EDT
To: IMC05@InterMixx.com

Noel, I really enjoyed IMC2004 and thought this conference was really unique. I've been to a number of conferences - 2 Folk Alliance conferences, 2NMC, Global Media and Entertainment Summit - and I've gotten a lot of useful information from all of them but thought this conference, in particular, sent me home buzzing with new ideas. I've since started working with Wendy Keilin and am finally going to organize my database, assess my financial situation, focus my creative energies, and hopefully start making more money with my music. I also had a great free consulation with Jean Marc Rejaud of Focus Marketing as follow-up to the conference and think his ideas on marketing are brilliant. I really enjoyed Bill Pere's class using the Meyer-Briggs personality test to help folks understand their strengths and weaknesses as artists. He made a good point saying artists should work with folks who have different strengths than they have.

And, I also loved Jason Rubal's class on production and learning how to build arrangements to emphasize the emotional ups and downs of the songs. I tried producing my last CD myself and found this really helpful and fascinating.

These classes were so different than the classes at some of the other conferences I've attended and I loved that. I also signed up for Songsalive because of Toni Koch and Marianne Kessler talking to me all about the organization. And the CD discussion panel was great... I was so surprised that the panelists all listened to the CD beforehand and had lots of suggestions and comments. Several of those folks came out to my performance because they heard the CD first.

I think the main thing is to try to get more folks to attend the daytime events, classes, panels, lectures because people are really missing out if they skip out on those. The quality of the lectures was really great. Maybe folks can brainstorm on how to get all of the performing artists more involved with the daytime events.

Cavanaugh's was a great venue... great sound there, I thought, and friendly people.


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같

From: an IMC Attendee
Subject: Re: Nemo/IMC
Date: October 3, 2004 9:31:50 AM EDT

I just returned from the NEMO conference (actually a trade show) in Boston -- If I had to choose between Nemo and IMC, I think IMC offers far more and is a much better value, and in a nicer facility. Nemo was very well attended, but the panels/classes were limited in scope and all business/marketing related. The whole thing seemed quite impersonal and austere -- no sense of community like you have engendered at IMC.

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:   cponzo

Subject: Thanks

Date: September 6, 2004 8:33:04 PM EDT

To:   IndieGate@intermixx.com



I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the IMC. Your dedication to the Indies was obvious to all that attended. We will be sure to spread the good word on the conference!

Thanks Chris


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:          TahMassTah

Subject:     IMC was a pleasure. Thanx to all who participated!

Date:         September 12, 2004 4:38:59 AM EDT

To:                IMC2004@InterMixx.com



This is Tah Phrum Duh Bush! I was the guy walking around with the big logo dangling on my chest the whole conference. On behalf of myself and Coole High, I would like to extend gratitude to all of the people who we were fortunate enough to cross paths with at this year's conference. I learned alot more at this year's conference than I did at any of the various conferences I have attended over the last 5 years. I also got to see some of the most talented and refreshingly original musicians and artists I've seen in one conglomeration.

I'd like to leave space for networking wide open and invite anyone to contact me if they should like to keep communications open. I live in NYC so if anyone needs some help in this area please don't hesitate to call on me. All the rock bands who would like to have a hip-hop artist open for them without all the gang bangin' and bling-blingin'... please feel free to contact me. Those of you who have seen my stage show know it's a blast and not your average run of the mill! Have mic, will travel!

Special shouts out to Noel Ramos (congratz! you pulled it off again!) Elaine, all the staff and volunteers, Nicole, Melanie, Coole High, James Spady (thanx for that interview that turned into one of the most meaningful 4 hour power conversations of my life!), The Harlequin (you cats rock), Green Inside (U cats tore it down at Abiline! How did y'all cram so many different flavors into that sound you have? Seth get at me!), Swamp Bytche (do I even need to state how dope y'all are?..and Madame Venus with them exciting assed pants! We need to link up in NYC), Fluttr, Robyn Harris, Dr Shock, Dick Gabriel, and everyone else. I can't name everyone or I'd be typing all night long.

I hope everyone made it home safe! Stay up! Stay in the grind. Later for the majors... It's indie all the way!

Peace, Love and the MIC, Tah Phrum Duh Bush!



같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같

From:          Bill Pere

I have put a photo album from the first day of the Conference on line, since I know lots of folks didn't arrive until later in the weekend.

Check it out!

While you're at the CT Songwriters Association site, check it out and if you are at all considering coming through Connecticut, consider joining the group -- it's a tremendous resource and support network. We do whatever we can to assist members.

Best regards,

Bill Pere
President and Executive Director, CSA
Founder and Executive Director, LUNCH Ensemble
IMC Independent Artist of the Year, '03
Official CT State Troubadour

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:          fluttrock

Subject:     Thank you!

Date:         September 6, 2004 3:08:45 PM EDT

To:                noel@intermixx.com


Hey Noel,

thank you again for last weekend. We had a great experience, met a lot of great people, made valuable connections and had a blast! The feedback and the ideas we got from the people at IMC helped us step outside of ourselves and look at the bigger picture. We were able to clarify our goals, regroup and refocus our efforts as a band and realize how much work is ahead of us. It also gave us a great inspiration to pursue our dreams and was very encouraging to hear: a/ the positive response from audience and industry; b/ the fact that no one has "the answers" and the process of success is wide open to creative arguments.

You have started a great thing and we would be happy to help in any way possible - feedback, promotion etc.

Good luck and thanks again!




같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같

From: Indian Rock Records

Greetings and Welcome Back to all friends of Indian Rock Records and Publishing

During our summer hiatus, all of us here at Indian Rock Records, (IRR) have continued on with our many independent music and community outreach programs. During the summer everyone gets involved. Whether it is traveling to attend conferences and/or concerts, continuing education, or even coaching girls softball, we believe that these summer activities help us to focus our abilities and talents. These actions help to bring you the best IRR has to offer. With that in mind we are proud to announce that our Creative Director, Michael Driscoll was recognized at the 2nd Annual IMC Conference held in Philadelphia and received the Immie Laureate Award. Many thanks go out to Noel Ramos and all the folks at InterMixx.com Inc. for another successful conference.

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:          Jim Brett - Disc Makers

Subject:     IMC2004


You run a very tight ship, very professional.


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          ben

                   Subject:     Thank You!

                   Date:         September 5, 2004 5:06:54 PM EDT

                   To:                IMC2004@InterMixx.com

                   Reply-To:                      ben@nomadicwax.com




Thank you so much for having me speak at the IMC 2004!


I had a great time and met some wonderful people. Big up for putting all

of this together!


Thanks again for all your hard work.






BTW, Brian Mencher (who ran a conference in Florida) is a friend of mine

and he sends his best to you as well. Such a small world!




Ben Herson


http://www.africanunderground. com


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          pwright

                   Subject:     Great time

                   Date:         September 7, 2004 12:16:22 PM EDT

                   To:                IMC2004@intermixx.com


Hello Noel,


Thank you for having me at the conference as I was extremely impressed with the caliber of both the attendees and the panelists/mentors.  If the amount that I learned was any indication, everyone there is much smarter and better off for having been a part of the event.



With your 24/7 schedule hopefully behind you for a while, I look forward to speaking to you further about your new digital service, existing publication and how we could possibly work together.  As I said at the conference, I view my job as helping to bridge the offline and online worlds through information. 


Again, Noel, thank you very much and I look forward to speaking with you very soon.  Hopefully this note finds you just waking up from a LONG LONG nap!




Paul E. Wright

Vice President, Operations & Development

Frequency Media

1000 Chesterbrook Blvd.

Suite 150

Berwyn, PA  19312

E: pwright@frequencymedia.com

W: www.frequencymedia.com


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:   WMR155

Subject: Re: [IMC2004] Oops! They did it again!!!

Date: September 8, 2004 5:11:23 AM EDT

To:   IMC2004@intermixx.com



thanks for having me ...i think it was awesome this year

again i'm sorry we got our emails crossed and i didn't get there till saturday...

the panels i sat in on were very informitive and the bands i saw were great

green inside and fluttr were stand outs to me...

again you, elaine and your staff did a awesome job and i look forward to being there in 2005


in more of a partisipating capacity.


thanks again...

joe deluca

Why Me? Recording 856-435-6738


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          isaac.koren

                   Subject:     Re: [IMC2004] Oops! They did it again!!!

                   Date:         September 8, 2004 10:43:57 AM EDT

                   To:                IMC2004@InterMixx.com








같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          brian

                   Subject:     Re: [IMC2004] Oops! They did it again!!!

                   Date:         September 8, 2004 2:39:03 PM EDT

                   To:                IMC2004@InterMixx.com



thanks for a great weekend.

it was  a success.

brian wiltsey


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          fporter

                   Subject:     FW: [IMC2004] Oops! They did it again!!!

                   Date:         September 8, 2004 3:14:05 PM EDT

                   To:                IMC2004@InterMixx.com


Hi Noel!  Again, I want to thank you and tell you how honored I am that I was chosen to perform at this year's IMC.  Bernadette and I had a great time, met great people and are hoping to do it all again next year.



같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          tokyotramps

                   Subject:     Thank you

                   Date:         September 9, 2004 2:09:30 AM EDT

                   To:                Noel@InterMixx.com


Hi, Noel, and Elaine,

How's going?


We came back home on late Monday night, all of us were dead on Tuesday, and all of us went back to work today........


Thank you very much for everything at the IMC.

We appreciate your support!

We had a great time!


Again, thank you very very much !

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon !!





같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같




Date: September 7, 2004 11:44:13 PM EDT

To:   noel@intermixx.com


On behalf of Jessi Hamilton and myself, thanks for a great conference and a great series of IMC events.

I think Jessi got a great reception, especially considering this was only

her 4th show with the band.

The seminars were informative and helpful, even for someone like myself

who has been in the business 27 years.


Check out her website photo galleries under COOL PIX and under PERFORMANCES.

There are some pictures there.


Thanks again and take care.


Bruce Pilato




같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:   xanthimusic

Subject: IMC2004

Date: September 7, 2004 11:27:07 PM EDT

To:   noel@intermixx.com


Just wanted to say thanks for everything at the conference, especially the DISCourse feedback - I actually wanted more.  You have my participation for next year.  I still would like to bounce around some ideas with you, and a few suggestions.  Once again, thanks.

Rod Shepard


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          jessihamilton

                   Subject:     From Jessi Hamilton (IMC2004)

                   Date:         September 7, 2004 9:37:54 PM EDT

                   To:                Noel@intermixx.com


Hey Noel!


Thanks so much for setting up the conference in Philadelphia this past week. I had a great time and learned a ton. The workshops and panels were very interesting and everyone who spoke seemed like they really knew what they were talking about. It was great having you out there at the performance at Cavanaugh's. Thanks a lot for coming! I really enjoyed seeing Maya perform as well. She was incredible!


I have the picture of us at Cavanaugh's up on my website. If you want to check it out.


Anyways, thanks again! It was great meeting you.


Take care,



같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:   neil

Subject: Neil Sheehan/Hardcore Marketing, Inc.

Date: September 7, 2004 5:08:40 PM EDT

To:   Noel@intermixx.com


Noel and Elaine,

Just wanted to drop a thank you note to you for allowing me to be a panelist and mentor for IMC 2004!  Look forward to next year!

Thanks again!

Neil Sheehan


Hardcore Marketing, Inc.


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


                   From:          KK

                   Subject:     THANK YOU!

                   Date:         September 7, 2004 3:48:36 PM EDT

                   To:                Noel@intermixx.com


Hi Noel:


Well, back in Chicago. I hope you will recover soon from all the work at the conference.   I just wanted to extend to you a huge thank you for all the support you have shown us and all the extra promotion you put forth at the conference for us.  I know we probably rocked Philly on their butts, and caused a little ruckus out there. :-)  Sorry for any problems you might have had. We really downsized our show, but I know it was still a lot. 

Anyway, the conference was absolutely wonderful.  We learned a lot of the seminars and made some, hopefully, valuable contacts for the future. Wish we could have stayed longer since there were some great topics covered, that unfortunately, we were not able to attend later on. I really want to commend you on your efforts in the independent music scene. I wish Chicago had someone like you. Mucho gracias!



같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:   HeyRavi

Subject: RAVI - "Artistic Integrity"/ Tip of the Fortnight: Practicing Correctly

Date: September 7, 2004 2:25:21 PM EDT

To:   undisclosed-recipients:;

Ravi's Speaking Engagements:

My workshop, Maintaining Artistic Integrity While Running your Career as a Business, was a huge hit this past weekend in Philadelphia at the Independent Music Conference.  I was honored by all who seemed so moved by my presentation - thank you to those who attended.


같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같


From:   Mdriscoll_IRR

Subject: IMC

Date: September 7, 2004 2:34:44 PM EDT

To:   noel@intermixx.com



Thank you for all your time and efforts at this years IMC conference. The discussion groups and panels were outstanding and the networking opportunities were fantastic. Thank You very much for your consideration and recognition at the Immie Awards. 


I will be in touch soon, and am excited for your new venture.


I hope to provide an overview of the IMC in our next issue of the IRR e-newsletter. We will be featuring many of the artists that participated in the conference. Please let folks know. Even though I am swamped with new CD's to review. We will try my best to accomadate anyone interested in having their music and bios included in our Selected Tracks section of our FREE monthly publication.      


Thanks Again

Peace and Music

Michael D.


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From:   jmrejaud

Subject: Thanks

Date: September 7, 2004 10:40:38 AM EDT

To:   MixxMag@InterMixx.com


Dear Noel:


Thank you again so much for the exposure opportunities you provided me with during your conference. I hope that I was able to contribute with valuable comments and presentations. The feed back seems to be positive.


As you can imagine, I am eager for feed back from you, your team and your attendees when ever it will be possible.


I felt that we could perhaps maintain the momentum by following up with a special communication to your indie list at your total discretion.


Please find below an communication that could be sent to your members which integrates a free access to the presentation that I made as well as a special offer for the new Focus Marketing service (Career-Business Focus Assessment Analysis) that seemed to have really attracted a lot of attention. Of course, this could be adapted.


Let me know what you think.


Thank you again very much for your support and thanks to Elaine for a constant on the top of things attitude.


All the best and let's work on next year.


Take care.


Jean Marc Rejaud


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Subject: what up

Date: September 4, 2004 6:12:43 PM EDT


this is SUPREEM from SIMPLE & SUPREEM....just wanted to say it was great seeing you at the imc and i hope to keep in touch...i also hope you enjoy our demo and dvd included in the package i gave you....please any feedback would be greatly appreciated....our next show is sept 24th here in philly at the tokio ballroom on 122 lombard st....just a block below 2nd and south...one love supreem!!!


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From:   Unwhelmed

Subject: Re: [IndieList] Sleep? What's that?

Date: September 9, 2004 10:10:09 PM EDT

To:   IndieList@intermixx.net

Reply-To:   IndieList@intermixx.net


Hey this is chris from underwhelmed.....I wanted to thanx Noel and everyone that helped put this thing together. It was a great time and an awesome learning experience. We met some very cool people and saw some great bands. Can't wait for next years. Thanx again.


Chris Amplo




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                   From:          dubbthis

                   Subject:     Re: [IndieList] Sleep? What's that?

                   Date:         September 9, 2004 9:11:30 PM EDT

                   To:                Noel@intermixx.com, IndieList@intermixx.net


Hi, everybody its Tymair from the Lions Den Squad an I just like to say that this years IMC was the first one that I have attended an I loved can't wait to go back next year I enjoyed meeting everybody there it was a great place to network an learn more stuff about the business that you may or may not had knew an I wanna thank everybody who supported & came out to see the Lions Den Perform we had a ball.


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From: coolspirit
Subject: thanx!
Date: September 23, 2004
To: Noel@InterMixx.com

hi noel! home after my post-imc tour and catching up! reading the posts but behind on my correspondance i wanted to say thanks again for a great imc year... we enjoyed the seminars we were able to attend& always the connections and networking, mingling!! the sunday night set at cavanaugh's was such a highlight/wonderful closer for us with all the imc-ers! thanks again for all your hard work! rock on!

making music from the inside out... marianne kesler

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From: Robert Case New Pants Pub
Date: October 1, 2004 11:12:44 AM EDT

I have enclosed a current Music Connection Magazine article interview that they did with me and other industry professionals about music publishing/Licensing for your review. Click here to read it.

Thank you very much for a great time at the The independent Music Conference. Noel and you are great people and I consider you great friends and look forward to seeing you guys next year.


Robert Case
New Pants Publishing,(ASCAP)
Old Pants Publishing, (BMI)

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From: chris of Shift
Subject: A visitor to Indiegate.com has sent you a message
Date: September 27, 2004 1:06:33 PM EDT
To: Noel@InterMixx.com

Hey Noel This is Chris from Shift, We really appreciate all the hard work you guys did to promote this and for letting us be apart of IMC2004.
Thanks, Chris


~ Merch - Expanding Your Revenue Stream Panel
with: Jean Marc Rejaud / Noel Ramos / RAVI / Ed Toth / Toni Koch - moderator

Very useful! Gave me new insight and also strengthened my resolve to branch out!   -Millie Hesser

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~ Street Teaming and Buzz Building Panel
with: Eric de Fontenay / Parry P / Neil Sheehan / Toni Koch / Ed Toth / Noel Ramos - moderator

I learned a lot about how to make an impression in the marketplace with very little $.   -Venus

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~ Putting the Emotion into the Music - Jason Rubal

LOVED this workshop. It exceeded my expectations and then some! Definitely one of the best things at this conference, particularly for those of us more dedicated to musical experimentation. Good pointers for basic communication even with difficult ideas. Also, very conscientiously and professionally presented.   -Millie Hesser

Very organized and professional. Well done. Nice to have a perspective that is a little different.   -Name Withheld

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~ Whys and Hows to Focus Your Music Career - Jean Marc Rejaud

This presentation exceeded my expectations! Very informative and extremely beneficial to everyone. It should be a required panel/workshop for every attendee! I learned a lot.   -Melanie

This opened my eyes to finding advantages of focusing on genre and then finding sponsors who want to market in your genre.   -Joe Bades

Unbelievably valuable! I highly recommend this to artists of all levels. This seminar can save a lot of artists money. It shows how to concentrate efforts and dollars most effectively. Great seminar!   -KK

This was the most interesting and inspiring panels I have ever attended.   -Chris Moore

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같

~ Indie Label Deals Panel
with: Greg Seneff / Jean Marc Rejaud / Jason Rubal / Ed Toth / Noel Ramos - moderator

Got ideas of things we need to discuss about projecting Biz Plan/Goals and what things we need to ask about with an indie Label, i.e., distribution, marketing.   -C. Ponzo

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~ DISCourse Panel
with: Jordan Tishler / Toni Koch / Vlad Kushnir / Jean Marc Rejaud / Jason Rubal / Neil Sheehan / Ed Toth / Noel Ramos - moderator

This presentation will definitely help us to refocus our energy towards the goals we want to achieve. I got information that opened my eyes to some options for my band.   -Valerie Thompson

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~ The 8 Keys to Success in a People-Driven Business - Bill Pere

This was probably the best workshop. Learning how to deal with people is the first step. I found your workshop to be unexpectedly fascinating. Some of the concepts were a little familiar, yet the application of this knowledge is invaluable. I cant thank you enough. Very helpful information.   -Rod Shepard

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~ Getting Started - Docta Shock

Exceeded my expectation. It was very helpful!   -Robyn Harris

Lots of useful information! I felt one hour was too short for the amount of info and discussion. Extremely beneficial to anyone attending!   -Melanie

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같

~ Writing Fans and Success into the Song Which is Your Life - James Ballard III, Ph.D.

Jamie comes at you from some other place. Its refreshing and real and deep. I felt a good understanding of the words and meaning he is getting across.

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~ Digital Delivery Panel
with: Bryan Chaffin / Greg Seneff / Vlad Kushnir / Eric deFontenay / Steve Keitt /Matthew Kunkle / Paul Wright / Noel Ramos - moderator

Very knowledgeable panel. Impressive. Not enough time to ask questions, but Noel offering mentoring sessions was a great option.   -Natalie

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같

~ How Not to Get Screwed By the Music Business - Jerry Hand

Wish we had more time!! Covered so much ground. Every artist should attend!   -Nicole

Excellent!!! Definitely should have more time to discuss all the wealth of information!   -Melanie

Jerry had great energy. Very interesting speaker. Probably the best seminar!!   -C. Ponzo

Very knowledgeable! Great, logical, powerful info good man too!   -Thorry Koren

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같

~ Financial Planning - Daryle Seidman

Daryle provided great ideas, real life tips and useable applications. This was well worth our time!   -Keri Caprice

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~ Back to Basics: Indie 101 - Richard Gabriel / Alan Willaert

Good information on legal/business basics!! Should be called Making Sure You Get All the Money Your Music Entitles You To.

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같

~ Maintaining Artistic Integrity - Ravi

Ravi is an amazing teacher; he comes from the heart, but provides knowledge from his guts. Highly recommended.   -Thorry Koren

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~ Electronic Press Kits - Jim Schultz, Sonicbids

Exceptional content that was very easy to understand.   -Carole

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~ African Underground - Exploring African and Hip-Hop Culture - Ben Herson

Outstanding, widens ones creative scope!   -J. Ballard

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~ Legal Contract Concerns - Atty. Greg Seneff

Good general overview. Touched on all major points. Presented with candor and humor, very clear.   -Mia Kim

같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같 같같같같

~ Get the Edge: Mining the Gold from Your IMC - Wendy Keilin

Wendy does a great job of getting you/us to articulate what it is we want and she doesnt let us slide by!   -Keri Caprice


Some of these testimonials relate directly to the Workshops at IMC2003 so you can see what they said about them specifically.

Jason Rubal of Seventh Wave Studios emailed Elaine after serving as a Panelist and Mentor at IMC2003: "I want to take a minute and thank you for having me be a part of the conference this year. I met many great people, and I hope I helped a few. Thank you again, and keep me in mind whenever you need my help.

Danica Mathes got rave reviews for her Workshop on legal concerns for indies. An entertainment Attorney from St. Louis, she works with Nelly, and a host of other well-known celebrities. She sent us these kind words: "Dear Noel and Elaine, It was fabulous getting to know you at the IMC. Kudos to you for organizing such a phenomenal event! You guys put on a great conference. I look forward to next year."

We asked the attendees to fill out feedback forms on the Workshops and they were not required to identify themselves. I believe we got some extremely honest feedback and it was very encouraging. Several artists commented on Gilli Moon's intensive workshop:

"What I most appreciated was that I was encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone which was fun, humbling and also very informative."

"It far exceeded my expectations!"

"It's very important to network, meet people and collaborate. Artists have to stick together. Gilli's Workshop encompassed all of that."

"Very professionally presented."

"Well presented, informative, useful, interesting and fun!"

"Very energizing, well articulated."

Danica's Workshop was also praised: "She was a great presenter. Very informative."

Steven Memel's Workshop generated a great deal of praise. Here are just a few examples:

"Steve was so great. I'm looking forward to attending his other Workshops."

"I'm also a voice teacher and it was interesting to see how another professional presented the material. Steve was VERY knowledgeable and presented the information in an accessible manner for all participants."

"I wish I'd had a vocal teacher like Steve years ago!"

"It was excellent, I learned a lot. Steve is very professional and knowledgeable."

The Digital Delivery Panel which I moderated, received some good reviews also. It featured myself   -Noel Ramos

, Eric de Fontenay of MusicDish/Mi2N, Jason Rubal of Seventh Wave, Clint Arent of Disc Makers and Patti Wolf, the founder of SmartWomen Internet Radio:

"This was a premium panel - Eric is a pioneer, Clint does a lot for the industry and Patti is taking webcasting to a new level. Jason is definitely worth learning more about and Noel is a true visionary."

I also served on and moderated the "Effective Press Kit" panel along with music journalist/performer Jim Speese and Ravi, a well known artist who toured with Hanson as their bass player: Comments from our attendees were very positive, such as:

"I didn't expect to learn anything new, but I learned a lot more! It was very well planned and presented."

"Noel was a very informative speaker."

Elaine Law's "Hearing Protection" Workshop also garnered much positive feedback: "Great, informative presentation!"

"I'm taking Elaine's advice and making an appointment to get my hearing tested right away!"

We also received general praise from those who filled out the forms and these glowing words especially made us feel as though we'd succeeded in presenting a high quality educational and networking event:

"The IMC has been an invaluable experience. What impressed me most was the mission behind the conference. The IMC is visionary in its structure and Noel Ramos is a master of the independent revolution, he's ahead of his time. Thank you IMC!"

Well-known Producer, Shelly Yakus, who worked on albums by John Lennon and Tom Petty, generously offered his experience to IMC2003 attendees by teaching a workshop, and acting as a Mentor. He had great words of praise for IMC2003 and I know Shelley has been to a LOT of music conferences so that meant quite a bit to me.

Bill Pere, practically a legend in his home state of Connecticut, and winner of an Immie Award at our very first ceremony, sent us a great letter: "Just a note to congratulate you on the success of IMC2003. I know what it takes to do an event like that, and I could see the tremendous investment of time, emotion and resources that went into it. I was glad to be part of it and I was very touched by being given the Indie of the Year award. I'll have a nice writeup of the event with photos in the October CSA newsletter."

One of the highlights of IMC2003 was an appearance by Ravi, a talented and engaging artist who has toured with Hanson and forged a successful indie career, as well as doing a commendable amount of charity work. He too sent us words of praise: "IMC promises to be a ground breaking conference for years to come based on its 2003 premiere. By exposing the potential of the vortex created by the traditional music business model, IMC paves the way to an educated, lucrative, and sustainable independent market for the music community of tomorrow."

Tom Leu, author of the Musician's Corner, Volume One helped us as a panelist and he had this to say after IMC2003: "Elaine, Thank you for your hospitality at the IMC2003! I enjoyed my visit and enjoyed the conference as well. You all did a great job! I met many interesting and influential people. I'd love to come back next year."

Jean-Marc Rejaud of Focus Marketing, another popular instructor, also praised the IMC, stating: "I have participated in many conferences and I have to recognize that the IMC is one of the most energizing forums for artists and music professionals that I have been exposed to. Not only, the content and the participants are of great quality but Noel Ramos is not afraid to shake up the status quo by promoting new ideas and concepts. I highly recommend this conference for any artist who really wants to be on the cutting edge."

When Austin, TX based artist DAX decided to attend Jean-Marc Rejaud's workshop "The Why's and How's to Focus Your Music Career" at IMC2003, little did he know the impact it would have on his career. "I found Jean-Marc's session at the Independent Music Conference to be extremely engaging and informative," DAX stated. Now, as a result of meeting Jean-Marc at IMC2003, DAX is working with him directly to further his indie career.

Other musicians also had glowing words to describe the very first IMC, and some even sent emails to let us know how the new techniques they learned were working for them. Lisa Barter Spaar was very pleased with a data tracking idea that she tried after discussing the ideas in a Mentor Session at IMC2003: "My new index card filing system is working fabulously, thanks to you! Terrific advice & MUCH easier to keep track of venues & who I called when & when I should keep bugging them etc etc. Many thanks again!"

Millie Landrum of Waterplanet also had kind words for us: "James and I just wanted to commend Noel on putting together a really unique and beneficial conference. We had a great time, met some really nice people, and learned a lot, too. We were glad to see panels that differed a bit from those we'd attended over and over again at other music conferences. We were also relieved that we didn't experience the usual "us" and "them" feeling between artists and industry folk. The industry people we met were extremely helpful and approachable, and we are grateful for that."

Tommy Lugo of Stellarscope sent us this note: "Thank you very much. I attended Thursday all day. Fri, Sat, & Sun I came in just for the specific panels & workshops that I wanted to check out. It was fun and very educational. We thank you again for a great conference, and for letting us perform."

Randye Jones, a very talented soprano, and president of AhhJay Records, offered these comments: "I want to take this opportunity to thank Noel and the other organizers for putting together an outstanding conference! The event was very professionally presented, and I learned a lot! Please extend my appreciation, as well, to the presenters and to the volunteers who went out of their way to make sure I was able to take full advantage of the activities scheduled. It is my hope that next year, more folks can come. If it's like this year's, it will be well worth the trip."

Shane Tierney of Leviathan responded to our Performance Director regarding one of our IMC Follow-Through Workshops, and he expressed his satisfaction with IMC2003; "Jenn, We were planning to wrap things up after our shows with The Misfits, Gotham Road and Danzig on 11/15, but since we had such a great time at IMC2003, we would be available to play Club 218 on Saturday 11/22 if you'd like to have us. Please let me know ASAP if this is okay with you and I'll add it to our calendar as our last live show for 2003 and notify Pollstar. We won't be back out on the road until March 2004, as we're beginning work on our next record until then."

Madame Venus of one of the funkiest, baddest bands ever, Swampbytche, sent us this awesome letter: "Thank you IMC2003! I just have to tell everyone that IMC2003 was the one of the best times I have EVER had with my band! Noel & Elaine are awesome!!! If you're an independent artist you should check it out NOW for next year! The panels were unbelievable and the bands were slammin'!!! We have to send a BIG shout out to The Tappas, The Amazing Mudshark & MINK!!!! See ya soon. peace ya'll."

Another awesome musician, Billy Guy of Phattsidedown, sent us this great letter: "A big thank you goes out to all the IMC staff and participants. Phattsidedown had a great time and we learned so much. I think one of the biggest problems in our industry is humility. We're told from day one to speak like "our" band is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I think we need to know the time and place to do that. I hope I always have the knowledge and the humility to know when and where to just shut up and listen, and when to scream "I Want to Rock!" I can't speak for everyone but I think I learned more of how and when to do that. That is what I'm personally taking from IMC2003. I'm looking forward to 2004! Keep up the great work Noel and know that Phattsidedown is here to help. I'm sure there are many others who feel the same."

Billy, I can't express how much that means to me. I want all those who were involved in helping the IMC become a reality, to know how proud and honored I am to have been able to do something to help the musicians I've admired for over two decades... the musicians who really define what it means to be an artist... INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS.

Remember, as a sign of my appreciation for all the support you and the many other IMC2003 musicians gave us, your IMC2004 registrations are FREE! We want to see all of you back again this year.

To the many new artists we will see at IMC2004, I am looking forward to meeting you!

>>>>>>>>>>> Noel Ramos - Executive Director, IMC